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Why Content Marketing Matters

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Why Content Marketing Matters: the Here, Now and – WOW of today’s Website Success

By Thomas R Reich Phd

Why is Content Marketing the only way to go if you want cost effective online exposure?  The list that follows explores the emerging powerhouse of online exposure known as Content Marketing and Deep Content Marketing. Truly Deep Content Marketing is done through not only website and social media, but also through the carefully designed and pinpointed quality content of that website and social media network that work together with great optimized pictures.

Deep Rich Data II allows us at Cheetah Marketing Group to gauge where a business’s website is in its goal of becoming an organic traffic generating Content Marketing Website.  We can also help you in every phase of Content Marketing to make your business website an organic traffic magnet, and keep those prospects on the website once they get there.  Remember the object of Content Marketing is to attract targeted prospects and ultimately to get them too call you for even more information on your products and services.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

At cheetah Marketing Group we create an information portal for your specific niche market, creating a specialty destination for content or, in other words, an information core for your products and services. Cheetah Marketing Group does it all with style and reputation building in mind, generating positive interest.  The days of hiring an SEO firm to play to some magic algorithms and conger traffic to a website with a good basic 8 pages of standard company résumé data is long gone; replaced by Google RankBrain.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The days of simply buying expensive PPC (Pay Per Click) to bring targeted traffic to your website is also less effective in today’s content heavy website world, consequently even more expensive per usable visitor.  Google RankBrain sends searchers to a companies website if that website is the best source of information for what the question of the searcher (free organic traffic)  rather than just a stand out keyword, this is organic traffic.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Visitors to a business website, your potential customers, want useful content; content that covers a need they are searching for and that actually answers their question.  That in a nutshell, is Content Marketing and that is how Google and other search engines will send you free organic traffic. If your website does not have useful information which covers what the searcher is looking for to answer specific questions, several things happen:

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  1. The potential prospect will “bounce” (leave your website quickly) which adds negatively to your bounce rate.
  2. This “Bounce” quick departure from your business website shows Google they sent the searcher to the wrong place, this is not good for Google, therefore not good for your website rankings.
  3. Google, under its new “RankBrain protocols” is about getting its customers, its searchers to the information they are looking for, when someone that Google sends to a website stays there  and goes to a few pages, Google notes that and is more prone to send additional traffic asking a similar question to that website in the future.  If a searcher bounces from that website they note that as well and are less likely to send traffic to that website for a similar question in the future.
  4. Over the last few months Google has begun to send traffic to websites based on its content, not effected by whether or not it uses PPC  (pay per click) due to unfortunate lawsuits abroad. This shows further reason to have Deep Content Marketing in place and avoid the dreaded Bounce.  This is all due to Google’s RankBrain READ MORE HERE.

content marketing 2

1) Content Marketing done Correctly, Results in Website Success.

What this means for your bottom line is business success and ultimately more income, more prospects and more sales.  Content Marketing done correctly will help a business website create a group of answers as a core of information which is a center of a network for niche information pertaining to exactly what you are selling or representing, will attract new prospects for what you are selling.

If you are selling a service, your website should cover everything about that service, the good and the consequences of not using the service.  Content Marketing websites should not directly sell, at least not on every page. Instead, your website should be set up for explaining everything about what you are selling, and should remind the reader/visitor that you represent that product or service and are available by phone or email at their convenience for further advice.  If it is a product, then pages should be there showing that product in all its variations, and other pages explaining everything that product can do for the reader, and still more pages explaining the misery incurred in life without that product, how easy it is to maintain a life that includes the product etc.

When a visitor enters your website to read any of the company’s dozens of pages of content, it follows that the prospect is then within your network of information, which is within your full website (the living brochure Cheetah Marketing Group talks about in other articles). If the prospect feels the need for the product or service they have just researched on your website, where are they likely to look for that product or service?  They have just developed a bond with your company who providing all the information they could ever want, why would they look elsewhere?  That is the logic of content marketing, and that is why content marketing websites make you money over time. Having a website that is more than a brochure, it is the center for information on what you are selling, bigger better and more complete than your competition.


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

2) Content Marketing Generates Sales and Appointments Because the Website Builds Confidence in Your Business.

By creating a website that is the center of a network and a core of a variety of information about your products or services, not selling but explaining, teaching and building confidence while always keeping your number and email at hand, welcoming them into a direct contact.

Now content marketing isn’t just raw information, it’s not just a “landing page” (we all hate those don’t we). With Deep Content Marketing, we actually are selling after all, but it is subtle, we wrap all that information around your specific product or service, and make it specific to your brand.  Convincing the prospect of the quality and superiority of the product or service as well as confidence in your  company before live contact is ever made.  This makes the sales persons job ultimately a task of closing, rather than one of convincing from scratch in many cases.

Once the information has been conveyed, the visitor is within your website, and other tabs in the website become your product or service showroom.  But by the time the prospect migrates to those tabs, they know what they want; it’s your salespersons job to give them a good deal on what you now know they are looking for when they call with pricing questions!  A website does not sell the product, a good content marketing website prepares the prospect for the sale to be more easily closed in less time by a professional experienced sales person.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

It is this point that makes most of us hate “landing pages” no one likes to be hit in the face with a website flashing a price in our face, and by now or lose the deal with a countdown clock before they ever talk to a live person.   With a live sales person doing the selling, you can feel the prospect out, close the sale with the assurance that the prospect is already familiar with the product and the company.

With Deep Content Marketing attracting new visitors, converting them to customers is less costly and more effective than high dollar radio or cable advertising. PPC is a good supplement, but without some degree of content marketing sensibilities, your wasting your money, visitors expect information on what they are searching for today or it’s off to the next website.  Cheetah Marketing Group sets your website up for Content Marketing success. (see how we subtly snuck in a quick sales word without a hard sell, a mention, not a hard sell is the Cheetah way and how content marketing sensibilities works – oops did it again)

 Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

3) Social Media is still important as part of a total content marketing strategy, but now Social Media becomes the lure to the content.

Social Media is used to tease with small previews of the fantastic information on your website and followed with a clickable link if they would more. These previews can be a catchy phrase on Twitter, and video on YouTube, a picture on Pinterest or G+ or all of the above on all of the above.

Attracting a visitor from a network of social media and social shearing sites by using previews and pictures of content on your website is a massive way to attract targeted customers. Not only are they targeted but they are pre-screened, that is if you have properly prepared your social media and social sharing network the way Cheetah Marketing Group advises CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

A properly prepared social media network is branded to the company website and targeted directly to the company through multiple links. This will be the information you have chosen for the company website core of knowledge, the specialty niche that will help prepare visitors to become customers of your product or service.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

NOTESo called marketing emails come to us all the time talking about automatic sales out of magic website designs. Make no mistake about it, unless you are selling a very low-cost impulse item or a music CD, you must work for an appointment, call or a product inquiry.  Your website is your showroom, in fact, it can be a really great showroom with lots of video screens and samples and plush decor, but SALES is still sales! You still have to sell and close your product or service one on one. The job of a good website is to get your potential customer informed and ready to be closed.  A Great website is also a place to bring customers and proudly show off the company’s product and your firm’s online presence.  A great company website needs to represent the business as its prospects first point of contact.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

4) Search Engines are optimized to look for Content Rich Websites, the new Google Protocol is RankBrain; Local Business take Advantage of local Content Marketing!

A smaller or newer business in an area can effectively outpace the search ranking of a branch or franchise of a well known national business. This can be done through Deep Content Marketing and better connected by advertising the business through a social media and social shearing network along with some targeted local advertising and or sponsorship. READ MORE HERE

Most of the local older larger well-established companies that are not part of a national chain have not even thought of Content Marketing, let alone Deep Content Marketing with an eye on Google RankBrain.  These established businesses have a website, probably designed in 2010; they think they own the market, why go to all the work of content marketing?  Well, give Cheetah Marketing Group a call let us show you just how much we can help with some Content Marketing.  The older and better established the business the faster we can get results.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

If an aggressive new firm builds a strong Content Marketing website, if they have help and go beyond simple content to deep targeted content, they can easily own the local search engines. By using the resources at Cheetah Marketing Group and choosing topics that are in the minds of your customers to ask and search for, then authoring articles that discuss those topics in ways potential customers can easily understand, you begin to attract visitors who are randomly searching for that information.


We refer to this program of prospect accusation as Deep Content Marketing,  and measure progress towards success with  Deep Rich Data IIWe can gauge if visitors find what they are looking for through Google Analytics (when they stay on your website reading for at least 2 minutes Google RankBrain Algorithm sees this as its own success, a mark in your favor for search rankings) those visitors will increase every week until you own the keywords, long tail keywords, and key phrases we decide on together.  I’m getting too technical, but that is why you hire a firm like Cheetah Marketing Group, to handle this stuff and let you do what you do best: service, close sales and interact with your customers.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


Things that are too technical brings up an interesting point, you need to concentrate on selling your product or service. How much time are you going to devote to the constantly changing internet world? Content Marketing should be handled by experts like Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida and Central Florida that use PhDs and MBAs to create the right targeted content for your specific market.  Who better to research your market than research experts that do it for a living and other technical types that make sure keywords, meta data, and URLs are in the correct places. You can not be an expert on everything, you sell; let us work the internet to bring you the prospects!

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