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Visual Content Marketing

The Second Major Category of Searchable Content used in a Deep Content Marketing Strategy is Visual Content:

Pictures within Pages, Articles, Blogs and Social Media: The more pictures the better for attracting organic traffic in a Deep Cost Effective Content Marketing Strategy.  Since the dominance of the Smart Phone, many more pictures are needed. These different types of pictures and media server to break up the words of a page and hold interest, especially of younger viewers.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Each and every picture must be optimized, have a unique URL and sheared to the company Social Media Network where appropriate. With the rise of Image search, each picture takes on a search life of its own. An Infographic can actually be responsible for unique targeted organic traffic.

With this in mind, great care should be taken in picture selection. Whether original pictures or taken from Commons, they should relate to the core topic covered by the Company Website. Not every picture must be of the products or services of the company, but they should, whenever possible, relate to the company or its products or services in order to attract targeted organic traffic.

Infographics are another Interesting way to Embed a link in Popular Websites:  An Infographic is a special kind of custom made multi faceted picture, chart or graph. The Infographic tells the story of some facet of a product, service or related topic in an extended picture form.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

By creating or having created, a really interesting and thought provoking Infographic and making it available to anyone. (even your competition) Give it freely to anyone that wants to place it on their website as long as you gain a back link. Infographics can be imbedded with a URL back link, linking them to a page on the company website.  This means even if they are not specifically branded to the company with click here to go to our website, they are still linked. This is what is known as a back link to the search engines and therefore more domain authority to the company website.

Naturally, if you are paying for a custom Infographic, it should be no problem to work company branding subtly into the graphic. If you want other firms and popular websites to run this Infographic, remember to be very subtle with the branding, small and indiscreet but still visible when looked for.

Having Custom GIFs of Products or even Commons GIFs add Life:   GIFs are a very old website item which is basically a JPEG that looks like a constantly moving short video.  They are great because they take little or no space and do now slow down a website like a video would.  They are bad because in the past before anti-virus GIFs were used to deliver viruses, they are not anymore. However, the stigma is still there with very old schoolers.  This has now become cutting edge in the world of Cost Effective Content Marketing; see 2 examples:




GIFs are fun, programs to make custom ones are available but complicated and expensive. Commons ones are available but best put in sparingly by a good Content Marketing firm. If you are not familiar with their use, they will not come out successfully.  That said they are a lot of fun if used correctly.

Do not over use them, they quickly become corny if not used to simply emphasize a point or sparkle a corner. Custom GIFs do have the same advantages of Custom Infographics mentioned above, the embedded URL for stealth link backs.

Memes are an interesting way to Increase Name Recognition:   A Meme is a silly or eye catching picture and a statement that makes people want to re-shear it to friends and family through the internet.  They often go viral and if so could see thousands of people; these are known as eyeballs in the industry.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

If the Meme is something related to the company or its products and services and if it is subtly and properly branded, this can foster increased name recognition. In marketing, the more you see a thing the more you remember it.  But in Cost Effective Content Marketing it helps domain authority of the host website by send the host link quickly throughout the internet.  If you have managed to attach a link back all the better and more powerful as a domain authority increaser.

Consistently Submitting Images from the Company Website to Social Media Significantly Increase Exposure and Organic Traffic:

Pictures, Infographics, GIFS and Memes added to website pages, articles and blogs should be sheared out to the company’s Social Media and Social Shearing Network. The more a picture is sheared the more it gains authority itself. The more authority pictures on a website with “authority” as an entity the more status as a search entity they have within the company website.

Now, placing that picture as an optimized entity within the Social Network on its own as an entity increases the website authority as an entity. Now the pictures chances of organic search activity for its labeled keyword and increases the chances of targeted organic traffic coming to the company website. This is why you hire a firm like Cheetah Marketing Group, we know this stuff inside and out!

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

One of the key Social Media sites to target pictures on is Pinterest. With Pinterest, a company can set up boards for each key word that is important to its core of information. After posting a blog, shear pictures from articles to all boards that are applicable to that keyword.

The beauty of Pinterest is that Google tends to draw a great deal of their images for their image search section from Pinterest by key word. Most businesses do not take advantage of this facility. Competition for these back links within the organic search world is relatively low.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


Other places to shear appropriate and interesting pictures are: FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and so many more.  How much time do you have? The most cost effective way for small and medium sized businesses that do not have internal dedicated marketing departments is to contract with a marketing firm.  Then you get a set amount of expert digital marketing to create and market new content. The firm can also keep the content you already have fresh.  Without dedicated marketing, business websites almost always go stale and organic traffic all but dies.  The secret with Cost Effective Content Marketing is to keep the core website fresh and updated.

 Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The Third Major Category of Searchable Content used in a Deep Content Marketing Strategy is Video Content:

Explainer Videos: This type of video can be live action or animated in some form. They explain something about a product or service the company represents. An explainer video can also provide instructions on assembly, operations or maintenance of a product.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

White Board Videos: These are small inexpensive promotional videos about the company or its products or services. White Board Videos are usually short (45 seconds up to a maximum of 2 minutes) and cover something quickly in a very eye catching way.  They can be color, black and white, with animated characters being drawn, with appearing words or with the classic hand drawing effect.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Customer Endorsement Videos:  Short to the point videos of customers explaining the company’s ‘product in a positive way, or its services in a positive way.  Can also be praise of the company in general or one or more of the company’s employee’s good deeds.  Done correctly, these videos can be extremely cost effective content marketing indeed!

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Jobsite Examples or Demonstrations:  Demonstrations of services the company performs make great videos.  If the company does services on site of customer locations, videos of installations or services being performed on site are great.  Always create this type of video in such a way as to put the company in the best light. Whenever possible include customer endorsement and naration with this type of video.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Getting the Video Message out:

Videos are an important part of content marketing as they can actually rank independently of the company’s website itself. If properly optimized, videos can be a ready source of cost effective content marketing. Content videos, if to have maximum impact on attracting organic targeted search traffic, should be sheared on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media.  These videos should also be posted permanently on YouTube and Vimeo at a minimum.  Having a strongly branded social media network is key to a cost effective marketing strategy.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Unless you have never actually used social media in the last two years, you realize that videos and visual content is highly shareable across social media platforms. Did you know that FaceBook today actually has more viewer time logged on videos that YouTube? Due to FaceBook’s auto play feature, this social media actually forces its users to watch videos without pushing play.  But that in no way makes FaceBook a more powerful tool than YourTube.  When you post on YourTube it is posted, optimized and searchable virtually forever.  A FaceBook post of a video is there for the time in the time line it is posted and of course resident on the company’s permanent time line within FaceBook only.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Remember, especially with explainer videos and instructional videos, YouTube is the #1 place the public goes to search for answers. With a great “How To” video posted and optimized on YouTube and the company website, that video is in the best position of any content to attract targeted organic traffic.



Cost Effective Content Marketing and more specifically Deep Content Marketing is a necessary part of small and medium business marketing on today’s internet. A good mix of articles and blogs with ample pictures as well as charts and Infographics as a core make a great base.  Topics must stay rooted within a pre-determined target knowledge base.  Video instruction, endorsements and in action stories are a big boost to targeted organic traffic.

The key to a great company Deep Content Marketing program is a professional marketing company well versed in all types of Content Development. Cheetah Marketing Group has helped companies like yours for over 30 years and we can help you too.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Content alone is not enough, even targeted content will not attract organic traffic in and of itself. All content on the website must meet a particular set of parameters and form a core of knowledge answering questions specifically about products or services that your company represents.  Then all this content, whether articles, blogs, pictures, videos or social media posts must be optimized and properly labeled.

Unless you have a full time dedicated marketing staff, your most cost effective way to success is Cheetah Marketing Group. Give us a call, we have plans at price points to fit all budgets and we will get you results.  We have been creating Cost Effective Content Marketing Strategy’s for over 30 years and we can do a great job for you too!

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