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Brand Development and Promotion

brand development from the team at Cheetah Marketing Group

A Better Way to Share Your Brand with the World

 Cheetah Marketing Group Builds Brands; We Work with You, Find the Essence of what You Represent and Show it to the World

 brand development from the team at Cheetah Marketing Group

A good company brand can be experienced anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  Brand Development is deciding how your brand represents your company and how unique a job that brand does at making an impression on a potential client.  A company’s brand is a big part of the success of a business over the long term.

At Cheetah Marketing Group, we make those experiences and encounters with your brand matter. We pride ourselves on being experts in brand campaigns that tell a memorable, meaningful brand story that is not dependent on expensive saturation traditional ad campaigns.

Whenever your customers, potential customers and the community encounter your brand, wherever that may be, we use the opportunity to move them beyond mere awareness and toward true brand awareness and loyalty.

 Cheetah Marketing Group has been developing brands for 3 decades

Cheetah Marketing Group’s Brand Development Services are perfect for any organization that could benefit from being better known in the community. Specifically, our services do the following:


  • Increase imprint frequency and in the process increase brand awareness, affinity and loyalty.
  • Further, our activities reinforce your brand’s identity and messaging
  • We help develop clear, compelling and consistent brand expressions adapted to various promotional channels previously ignored.
  • Increased Brand awareness and brand identity empowers your sales force with an identity they can depend on and refer to as a closing factor.
  • New targeted leads with a high potential for conversion brought in by the increased visibility of a consistent and meaningful brand.


Cheetah Marketing Group has been developing brands for 3 decades

Your company has grown, it’s time to tell your story in a big way:

At Cheetah Marketing Group we will help develop a great branding statement and a program that will help your most critical target prospects get to know your brand and your unique position in the market.



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