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Content Marketing

content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group

Content Marketing is a System to Bring Targeted Organic Traffic to Your Website

Cheetah Marketing Group gets Targeted Content out on the Internet in a way that makes Your Organization the Expert

 content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group

Want to generate organic traffic (organic traffic is free traffic; sent to you by search engines on merit not as a result of PPC – Pay Per Click) and get the targeted prospects you are looking for at the same time? There is no better way than Content Marketing.

Cheetah Marketing Group has been a believer and practitioner of “Content Marketing” since 1987. That’s right, decades before it was fashionable and cutting edge to call it Content Marketing.  We used it in the entertainment world to gain 67 gold and platinum records for our music clients and over 100 million-unit sales for our video product clients.

How does it work, simple really, there are no tricks or short cuts, no magic traffic generating programs and no magic bullet. It takes good old fashioned hard work, research and imagination.  It involves creating content, articles, pictures, graphics, white papers and videos that target the specific niche market you sell to.

content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group

By creating an expert website as a resource of information for your target market, by making you the expert source in your field on your products and services, you become a destination for exactly the visitors want to be on your website.

Google needs “expert” websites as destinations to send searchers as part of the results they give them on the first page of results of a search. Content Marketing is making you one of those results for each of your target keywords (target prospect interests).

Content marketing will bring you targeted prospects without expensive Pay Per Click services. Even if you use PPC, Content Marketing, done correctly, will improve conversion and ROI once prospects land on your website hub. It gives prospects a reason to stay on your website and explore.

content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group

Our Content Marketing Process will help:


  • Determine when and where to publish new content.
  • Analyze and SEO optimize all online content.
  • Define policies and procedures to ensure your awareness of all published material.
  • Build a higher perception of your services and products through quality content posted and updated on a schedule.
  • Content Marketing Strategy developed through a tried and true process.
  • Promoting content out through a hub of social media and social sharing sites.
  • Using listing services to draw attention to content.
  • Using gest posts and RSS feeds to increase backlinks and visits to website from target audience.


Through our decades of expertise in true Content Marketing Cheetah Marketing Group knows methods backed up by years of experience.  We know how to build a true expert website, a hub in any niche that draws search traffic because that website becomes best source of answers on the products and services it represents.

content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group

Let us tell you more, we can help you be even more successful:


content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group                                           content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group



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content marketing, Content Marketing, Cheetah Marketing Group