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Cost Effective Content Marketing Must Be Your Top Priority for Organic Traffic

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


In 2018 Deep Content Marketing Will Dominate Small Business Success

By Thomas R. Reich PhD

Cost Effective Content Marketing, Target Generating, Reputation Building, Deep Content Marketing

Under the new Google Protocol RankBrain, as well as similar algorithms now followed by other major search engines, good quality targeted cost effective deep content marketing in king. Search engines are no longer looking for specific key words; they are looking for answers to questions asked in searches.  This means at very least, long-tail keywords and targeted core of information on specific parameters of a topic will get the traffic.

Google’s demand for high quality information on company websites has risen significantly year after year for the last decade. But over the last year, this need for quality content has redoubled. If a small or medium sized business wants organic traffic from today’s internet, their company website must contain some form of Content Marketing.  A core of information that sticks to a specific theme or core of information. This core of information must provide answers to questions from every angle on the products or services that the company represents.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

No longer will a pretty home page/landing page with a functional 7 pages of information on simple tabs work to attract traffic. Oh sure, that sort of website is effective as a landing page to be used as a tool for other traditional advertising.  However, to gain organic traffic from searches of potential clients looking for what a company represents, there must be substance.  Today, a company website must have deep information and answers to targeted areas of information, the website must have the answer a prospect is searching for, a good quality core of information on the products and services you represent will offer these answers.  This can be easily achieved through cost effective content marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando and Central Florida.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Why use Content Marketing on a Business Website?

Why have extensive content on your business website, good content targeted specifically to topics that answer questions related to products or services that you represent? Simple, that targeted content attracts potential customers to your company website because it is relevant to what your prospects are searching for. A potential customer interested in answers about a product or service is likely to want a source for that product or service after they find the answers they are looking for. It follows that if their question is answered satisfactorily and they are on your company website which represents that product or service, they will likely contact your representatives for more information.  Well you get the picture!

That potential client is now within a company website that represents that product or service and is likely to call or contact. Remember the myth that “websites do the selling for you” is just that, a myth perpetuated by some web designers eager for fees.  The truth is, the best use of a company website is to funnel contacts to a company’s live sales force or representatives.  No one can sell or represent a product or service better or more successfully than a live sales person.  That is what Content Marketing is designed to do, get that prospect to contact the company. Once that contact is made, it is up to the company sales force to sell the product or service, just like any good marketing or advertising program.

There are 3 Basic Types of Cost Effective Content that Work to Increase a Company’s Reputation and Local Market Penetration and Search Engine Relevance Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The First and most Obvious Major Category of Searchable Content used in a Deep Content Marketing Strategy is Original Authored Content: 

A company’s on-line  Content includes things like website pages, the blog, videos, pictures and other items that together, make up a deep content marketing network.  The section of the website called the blog may contain current industry information, product updates, innovations, customer case studies and company news items. The better and “stickier” (more compelling and interesting) the information contained on the  blogs, the more effective the content will be in garnering search engine attention.  Well written content designed for SEO as well as readability considerations is paramount.

Deep Content also includes other material available on company websites used to attract an email list, this includes offers of downloads like: White Papers, Special Reports, Downloadable Charts and graphs, Industry Reports, Specific Product Fact Sheets and Infographics. This material and other downloadable information may then be downloaded from a place within the company website in exchange for a name and email of the potential customer, allowing you to contact them in them with future email newsletters.

High quality targeted content is the only element in digital marketing that will attract organic (traffic sent free by search engines to your business website) search traffic. Further, well written, well thought out content that targets topics within a core of information will best encourage interest in your products and services.


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

A digital strategy for a company hoping to use Deep Content Marketing to attract non-paid organic traffic from major search engines must include many elements. First, all content within the company website and the company blog must be open, shareable, non-controversial and relate only to the company and its specific products and services as well as facts surrounding those products and services.  Do not restrict your blogs from being picked up and sheared on other blog sites, as long as they have a link back to your company website in exchange for using your blog or information page.  This is called a back-link and alerts Google and other search engines that you are a source for that specific topic and others in the industry are specifically verifying that by “back-linking to your company website from their website.

Key to any digital strategy, any on line Cost Effective Deep Content Marketing strategy is remembering two things:

One, the information is meant as an outreach to find new clients.

Two, if properly written, it is intended to also become a local industry resource.

Writing should be accessible to the common reader not educated in your field of expert.  Remember that this content should be designed as community outreach. This content should be written always for heightening exposure of your  company and its brand as the most informed and “expert” voice of it’s products and services.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Here are Primary Locations for Great Content:

  • Company Website: Must be full of high quality, targeted informative information spicifically on your company, its products and services with attention to your industry and location.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  • Company Blog: Blog content must be current, topical, within the target parameters and reliable, stay away form opinions and local politics.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  • Back Link Content: To acquire a back link (guest spot, industry listing or community listing) from an industry or community blog, the company’s blogs must first meet the that organization’s  criteria.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  • If Company Uses Google Ad Words: High Quality Content Targeted on the Company’s Products and Services must already be in place as Landing Pages for the most Effective and Responsive Campaigns.  All PPC does is force your listing to the top of the page, if the searcher does not find the information they are searching for they will quickly bounce out of the website and you have lost the amount paid for the click.  This is why organic clicks are usually more effective, Google sends those clicks because they are reasonably sure the answer the searcher is looking for is on the website they send the searcher to, with PPC they are paid to send that searcher regardless if it is the best answer for the search.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  • Social Media Links: Under Cost Effective Content Marketing, the Company’s Social Media Network is used to display pictures and interesting outtakes (teasers) from content on the Company Website along with links back to the company website for more information. This re-uses that information as fishing lures to catch the interest of new prospects and send them back to the Company Website through Link Backs, when they arrive they find exactly what they are looking for, the rest of what they were reading , not the dreaded landing page add so many give them.  This establishes trust in your company right up front.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  • As Email Marketing Destinations: A good Email Campaign should have good destinations of quality content to link to on the Company Website. In the same way as with social media above we send the prospect back to the content core on the Company Website designed to represent the product or service.  They find exactly what they expect to find and trust in your company is established.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

In summary, good quality content that follows a core theme revolving around products or services the company represents establishes trust with your customers. This is essential to Cost Effective Content Marketing. Deep Content Marketing takes things a step farther and adds the same core values to all content digitally related to the company. This would include all Social Media, Email, White Papers and Guest Posts written with the company brand in mind. For Deep Content Marketing to be effective, everything must be linked to the central Company website. Additionally, everything must be branded with logo and colors consistently.  This is a method that Cheetah Marketing Group has applied to its core values for over 30 years and now, it is industry standard.

Since Google RankBrain looks at the relevance of core content to a topic within a website as a whole, that core information is key. In order to send organic (non-paid traffic), the company website and all elements linking to that website should always stay on a set core general topic related to the products and services represented by the company.

Additionally, by encouraging other popular blogs and community websites to re-post the company blogs and content, the overall authority of company base website increases through back-links from those websites.


Things that are too technical brings up an interesting point, you need to concentrate on selling your product or service. How much time are you going to devote to the constantly changing internet world? Content Marketing should be handled by experts like Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida and Central Florida that use PhDs and MBAs to create the right targeted content for your specific market.  Who better to research your market than research experts that do it for a living and other technical types that make sure keywords, meta data, and URLs are in the correct places. You can not be an expert on everything, you sell; let us work the internet to bring you the prospects!

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