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Social Media

social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group

Social Media Creation and Development

Cheetah Marketing Group uses Best Practices to get the Social Media Community Talking About Your Brand

social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group

At Cheetah Marketing Group, our social media program is built on the concept that sharing expertise online sparks conversations that lead to real-world preferences.  In todays business world, all content, when properly SEO Optimized can attract organic (non-paid) targeted traffic back to your developing expert website.  A good company network is best used to attract prospects back to a central hub, your company website, where the majority of your content lives.

It is important to have great reasons for the prospect to stay on your website once they get there.  The network can be looked at like lots of little fishing polls with bobbers, when one gets a fish you reel it in to the website.  But the whole network works together as a big machine, a well oiled machine called Content Marketing.

Our experienced team starts with in-depth research to uncover the essence of your brand and then develop a strategy that helps you share your core beliefs and differentiators through the most appropriate channels.

social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group

As your company’s network develops, we provide training and coaching for you and your staff if you desire, so you can continue to use social media yourself to connect with your prospects, customers and other key audiences, or we will continue to operate the network from the Cheetah offices if you wish.

Social Media when used with our Content Marketing Program is a powerful way to connect with your audience and tell your brand’s story.

social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group


Through our Social Media Development, we will help you:

  • Determine how your business can best benefit from social media
  • Discover new ways your key target prospects can find you online
  • Understand how your company’s culture can impact your online efforts
  • Help you by analyzing and demystifying SEO within social media
  • Develop a strategy for dissemination through social media
  • Improve strategy based on content type, frequency, length and tone
  • Select the most effective channels to influence your target audience from the dozens available.
  • Taylor and promote content through social media channels based on audience and roles
  • Define policies and procedures to manage the strategy and develop a team
  • Shape the perception of your brand and find new levels of audience engagement through social media outreach and backlinks



Call Cheetah Marketing Group so we can discuss a social media and content strategy for your business today. Central Florida Business Journal named us #1 Social Media Firm in Central Florida in 2015, we know our marketing!  For over 30 years, Cheetah has existed to make you look good.


                                 social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group                                     social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group


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social media, Social Media, Cheetah Marketing Group