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How We Work

Cheetah Marketing Group of Central Florida explains social media content

Digital Strategy is Half the Battle in Today’s Marketing World with Cheetah Marketing Group

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


How Cheetah Marketing Group Can Help with its Proprietary Deep Rich Data

We provide short-term strategic reviews that will lead to clear actions for your brand and contribute to improving the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing and online activity.

Cheetah Marketing Group can also help by providing expert marketing and reputation consultation and mentoring on specific facets of digital marketing. Regardless of whether you want to focus on content marketing, organic or paid search, profiling your audience or improving conversion rates, at Cheetah Marketing Group we offer an entirely customized approach for each and every client.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

We genuinely believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to digital marketing. Using our proprietary Deep Rich Data and Deep Rich Data II methodology, our strategies are always individually tailored. This insures that whether you are a startup or a decades old family business that has been running for generations struggling with the digital world, or an SME or multi-national firm, we provide a customized plan that works best for you.

Some of our most recent digital marketing strategy consultancy projects include:

Content marketing strategy

Converting old style company websites to targeted websites

Local targeting website optimization

Converting websites to Responsive/Adaptive websites

Total redesign of websites

Total redesign of company’s digital outreach network

Digital stakeholder engagement

Setup of business goal tracking in Google Analytics

Technical audit and recommendations

Review of Google AdWords effectiveness

Social media strategy

Setting up and branding complete social media networks

Conversion rate optimization for B2B and B2C sites

Partial or complete management of company’s digital assets


Three Steps to Modernizing and Optimizing a Company’s Digital Outreach

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Define • Devise • Deliver

Just how fingerprints and snowflakes are alike yet are truly one-of-a-kind, so too should your digital marketing strategy fit a market yet be totally unique.

At Cheetah Marketing Group, we firmly believe that a company’s strategy should be individually tailored to the individual needs of the business. In addition, attention must be paid to the market you are in, what is the competition up to and how do we out think them. Thanks to our Deep Rich Data methodology we will provide a custom approach that works best for you and your specific business, product and the market you compete in.


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


We look objectively at your organization to gain a detailed understanding of how you are currently using all reasonable assets the digital world has to offer. More crucially, whether what your company has been doing is working for you or not. What can be kept, what should be added and most important, what needs to go away.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

To do this, we have devised a thorough set of deliberately challenging and direct questions, and well-defined measures we call Deep Rich Data II.

These questions and measures help us to make practical recommendations to be implemented for better results in the digital marketing world. Through this process we better understand your business and your specific market. We also hope to challenge your thinking and open possibilities, working together to develop a plan that will best suit your company.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The Deep Rich Data process is a vital part of our process as the information we gather will form the basis for our pragmatic and implementable recommendations for the future success of your company’s online interactions.


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group



Following the scoping, understanding and research sessions, we get to work developing your digital marketing strategy, which begins with your digital situational analysis.

This process clearly outlines the micro and macro environment within your industry. The process makes it possible to understand how your business can add true value to your customers and more importantly, deliver real results from your digital efforts. You will have a better understanding of what your competition is doing and what gaps exist your area in the digital marketing world that you can capitalize on.

Using the knowledge gained in the Deep Rich Data II scoping session, we can overlay a digital transformation roadmap for your business showing:

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Where you are now?

Where you want to be?

How we are going to get you there?

Who is responsible for each stage of the implementation?

How quickly or how gradually this can take place?


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group



Once we have finalized and agreed on the strategy, time frame and budget, we then move to our delivery phase.

The delivery phase begins once everyone has agreed to the proposed plan, and involves us working closely with you to ensure its effective implementation.

Working in this way ensures that everyone responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan is confident in their role. It also can provide internal personnel with access to intensive mentoring and training.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

If you wish your staff to be involved in social media or monitoring website interaction, we will make sure that they gain a firm grasp of all digital channels, ultimately becoming better at their jobs in the process. If you decide any digital interaction is something out of your realm and areas of expertise and you wish for us to do all phases of digital marketing for you, this can be arranged as well.

Once you are comfortable with the overall progress, we become less visible and move to a monthly or bi-monthly ‘face to face meeting’ to ensure you are kept up-to-date on progress and with the latest developments in the digital arena.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The Digital Delima

Digital marketing buyers face a difficult challenge when trying to navigate the digital landscape. It is, therefore, important to have a clear understanding what products you need to buy, if any at all.

As digital marketing procurement consultants, we can help you to get answers to key questions such as:

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

How much should we pay our digital marketing PPC agency?

How do I know that an agency can genuinely deliver what it is proposed?

Should I outsource my digital marketing requirements, or should I bring someone in-house?

What is the most efficient way of creating a brief or Request for Proposal (RFP), and how can I get agencies to work together effectively?

How do I manage content on my website to insure it is targeted to my market?


Cheetah Marketing Group - Experience Matters


With over thirty years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, both in-house and on the agency-side, we will find you the best marketing products for your own unique needs if you need them. If you still are involved in traditional advertising, we can coordinate print, cable and radio with your digital network for maximum results.

What’s more, our aim to make digital marketing more successful by all means, we are not confined to agencies and suppliers that have simply paid to be on a list. We work for you, and will only suggest services you need and be happy to explain those you do not need. 

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Having a full and thorough tender brief is essential, no matter what the size of the contract.

In our experience, most of the common issues when it comes to digital marketing procurement arise because the details of the project have not been properly thought through; mainly because stakeholders get too swept up in the excitement to get their project underway.

As part of our digital marketing brief and RFP writing service, we will first ask you to write up your brief, and then we will fully interrogate it, using our valuable digital experience and knowledge to enhance it with technical specifics.

We will ensure that exactly what you need is detailed at the start and add clarity to what you’re looking for and how you will evaluate the submissions including:




Scope & Deliverables



Often an unbiased and objective fresh pair of eyes can spot things others close to the project miss, and we won’t try to sell you things you don’t need or dazzle you with technical jargon.

Being clear at the outset of what the project includes and the outcomes to be achieved will avoid adding additional requirements later, which can be expensive and cause milestones and deadlines to be missed.


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

We have been pitched to more times than we care to count! However, one major upside of this is that we now have a sound understanding of the key things you should be presented with when service providers pitch for your next project.

We can help you to weed out less credible proposals and find only the best agencies with a robust set of rules that they can either; follow (or bend) to create a distinctively brilliant personalized pitch that best answers your requirements; or ignore and fill with obtuse assumptions and amateur sales tactics that invariably turn you cold.

We have heard it all, we know when to say no and when to say OK let’s let our client take a look at this for their approval.


Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


If you’re procuring a marketing service for the longer term we can also supply on-going project management or third-party challenge, for the duration of the contract or at critical points, to ensure the project stays focused on what you and your business need.



Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


Buying digital marketing is radically different to traditional marketing procurement.

Digital Marketing is a highly dynamic, technology-driven marketing channel that allows marketers to make decisions in real-time, based on a combination of cost, value and quality.

This shift means that more and more companies are beginning to see digital marketing as not just as a cost but as an investment that can provide real value.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

However, with the explosion of new software, technologies and innovations, the procurement of products and services in the digital world is more complicated than ever. The rise of these new technologies often means that there are newer, and perhaps more practical ways of doing things, even though you have just implemented your shiny new website that took a year to build, which may not even meet the ever-changing expectations of your customers.

Cheetah Marketing Group keeps this from happening, we work quickly, keep up on the latest trends and keep you away from the latest fads. Being in the business for over 30 years, we fully understand traditional marketing and know when it can complement digital marketing for maximum effect in a campaign.  There are still those out there trying to steal you space in a phone book, which is a bad choice, but there are targeted cable and radio spots that could really help in certain cases, and we can help guide you through this.

Cheetah Marketing Group - Experience Matters