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Google’s RankBrain

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


Google’s RankBrain Ramps up and Cheetah Concurs Debuting their Deep Rich Data II

By Thomas R. Reich PhD

Google’s RankBrain, the new standard search protocol from the internet giant is out and becoming the most important factor in “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization).  No longer are the algorithms and SEO tricks of the recent past the key to organic traffic and high page rank. This could mean that the way your website is set up, even if you have had an expensive “SEO Expert” write the entire thing, and optimize it for Key Word SEO Optimization could be our of date and under preforming.   Sorry but it Keywords and meta data no longer meets what Google search protocols are looking for!  Things have changed, but Dr. Reich and Cheetah Marketing Group has predicted internet key changes for years and they are back to fix everything – again!

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group


In 2010 Dr. Thomas R. Reich PhD and his team of experts in Orlando Florida along with the  team at Cheetah Marketing created Deep Rich Data, over the years there have been updates, but it revolved around using social media and URL re-linked pictures to drive traffic towards a central website. As time went on Deep Rich Data had its own set of protocols for ranking with Google and other search engines.  Deep Rich Data called for adding pictures and videos in the front of Google search results on their own, long before this became SEO commonplace goals.  To be honest, many “SEO Experts” still do not optimize social media posts and URL re-direct shared pictures. Ignoring Content marketing and Deep Rich Data methods has  cost them dearly in resulting searches.  This is  now more evident than ever with new Google RankBrain search implementation.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Time went on and Dr. Reich published the controversial statement “Social Media as we know it is Dead“.  That article went viral and he was almost called a heretic, but again with prophetic results, it was a prediction of what began to happen almost eminently.  Social Media is bigger than ever for fans and politics, but not for Small business.  Rather, now most “SEO Experts” agree, Social Media and Social Shearing sites are to shear links back to a central website, well where have we heard that before?  “It is not prophetic, I am a PhD, I do my research, it goes with the territory that I love, research, I watch for trends and especially when Google makes major Search Engine Optimization changes’ Reich stated in an recent interview for INC. magazine.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

In the Summer of 2017, Google made a major change that got little coverage, Google’s RankBrain, but killed it is killing SEO Optimization as we know it.  “WOW, it’s like Google read some of our old rants about search results from the spiders and how unfair they were to websites that worked hard to be a core of information for their niche of expertise” Dr. Reich remarked. Well, finally RankBrain makes the theory of  Deep Content Marketing and Deep Rich Data a truly relevant and now dominant reality of organic traffic generation.

So, now that Deep Rich Data has been proved to be what Google is looking for, which is what do we do here at Cheetah Marketing Group, what do you think we did? We went back into research mode and worked to make things better – again.  Now it is time we announce Deep Rich Data II and we have RankBrain from Google to thank for the ability to enable us to remake Deep Rich Data to become an even more effective protocol for Organic Traffic Management. READ MORE ABOUT Deep Rich Data II HERE

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The NEW Deep Rich Data II now revolves totally around deep targeted and disciplined information which centers on a core of reference about what a firm sells or represents.  Much like the general theory of Deep Content Marketing, the volume and quality of content is important, but with the new Deep Rich Data II program, this information must fit within pre-set protocols, it must be diverse within those protocols and it must be heavily interlinked within the website itself.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Additionally, Deep Rich Data II still uses a diverse Social Media and Social Sharing Network, but now the concentration is on link sharing. Messages sent out on the Social Network are coordinated throughout and fit within pre-set protocols.  These “messages” are designed to cause one action, that of clicking a link that brings the interaction back to a page within the company website, not to interact on the social media platform itself.  Interaction on a social media platform is not a bad or negative thing, and if it is ongoing for your company, by all means continue, but 90% of businesses never got the hang of social media interaction and they probably never will.


Further, Deep Rich Data II fully engages G+, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Rich Data and all the extras so many firms loved about the original Deep Rich Data, but now much of those protocols become automatic functions of share buttons and link back actions.  The best feature of Deep Rich Data II is that most businesses it optimizes will only see Deep Rich Data II Reports on website improvements.  These DRDII reports combined with Google Analytics reports and Google’s Rank Brain results, give small business real concrete evidence of improvements in their website, traffic flow, quality of traffic and success of retaining targeted traffic.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Click here for Cheetah Marketing Group’s full outline of the Deep Rich Data II program , we can evaluate your business’s website without charge when you are ready to have a discussion about truly improving results from your internet touch points.

Isn’t that what every business wants? Think about it, does specifically targeted groups of prospects being directed to an information center or core of information which revolves around your product or service sound like a logical way to go?   The beauty of this style of Deep Content Marketing is that potential customers land within your website, finding the core of information they are looking for and easy access to a provider of the product or service right at the top of the page navigation, does that sound reasonable?  Isn’t that what every business searches for?  (OK that was a corny little pun, searches for)

Contact Cheetah Marketing Group today for more information on Deep Rich Data, Deep Rich Data II, or any of our affordable online marketing and reputation building/repairing programs.  Start targeting prospects today in a way that actually brings prospects, targeted to be looking for what you actually represent. Cheetah has been an expert in the field of content marketing, content creation, video/photography and reputation management since 1987, 30 years of excellence.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group



Over the years our customers have included such diverse companies as Warner Bros, Media One, Fox Lorber, Nationwide Consulting LLC, Jimmy Van Zandt, Debbie Gibson, Wham, Yes, DJ Magic Mike, Schnitt Acht, C&C Site Development and Pro Tint Commercial (3M Window Film Dealer of the Year), Richard Fleischer, Jaco Pastorius, Fox Lorber, Image, Giam, GoodTimes, Windstar, Atlantic Records, StemKids Toys, New Box Products.  From Large Companies to the smallest local business, from Political Campaigns to Rock Stars, Cheetah Marketing Group has brought success to projects for over 30 years, and we are just getting started!

Things that are too technical brings up an interesting point, you need to concentrate on selling your product or service. How much time are you going to devote to the constantly changing internet world? Content Marketing should be handled by experts like Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida and Central Florida. We use PhDs and MBAs to create the right targeted content for your specific market.  Who better to research your market than research experts that do it for a living and other technical types that make sure keywords, meta data, and URLs are in the correct places. You can not be an expert on everything, you sell; let us work the internet to bring you the prospects!

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