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Overview & Procedures

Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida builds brands!

Cheetah Marketing Group Services; Overview and Procedures

Brand Development is the Core of what Marketing Services are:

 How Cheetah Marketing Group builds brands

First Step


  • Identifying and Pinpointing the Firms Audience (Ideal Client) Research
  • Competitive Audit, How Well is Current Marketing Efforts Targeting that Audience
  • Brand Identity Workshop, Discussing Your Needs, What You Expect and What We can do
  • Audience and List Development and Coordination, What Customer Lists Exist Now
  • Discuss and Plan Overall Brand Strategy
  • Developed a Plan for Identity Development and Improvement
  • Get to Work Increasing Potential Customer Access


Research Phase


The Cheetah Marketing Group experience begins with objective information gathering. Who is the target of your current website, is it drawing the right eyes. What is the actual audience of your marketing efforts and how does that differ from the target audience that will earn clients for your company’s products?

What do readers of your current marketing pieces, blogs and information resources really think about your brand? The experience they get when interacting with your company, both online, in print and in live interaction affects your sales exponentially.  How does your marketing audience’s experience make them feel?  How is that experience different from the many competitors in your marketplace – your company’s competition?

Asking the right questions enable the professionals at Cheetah Marketing Group the ability to gather the right insights. We can look into how to improve the performance or your company’s marketing program within strict budget parameters.  Insights that will fuel a stronger position in the market.  This will help us guide your firm to a position as the authority destination in the market for your products and services.


Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida builds brands!


Activation Phase


  • We Begin to Activate a Long Term Coordinated Marketing Campaign
  • Website/Smart Phone Development, Creating a Cutting-Edge Experience
  • Make Your Website Experience Fully Responsive Across all Formats, Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Targeted Information Content Creation Begins to Attract Buyers Interested in the Products
  • Photography and Video Creation as Needed and Identified in the Agreed Marketing Plan
  • Brand Development, Logo Modernization and Matching Graphics if Agreed in Plan
  • Sales Collateral Material Coordination and Development if in Agreed Marketing Plan
  • Digital/Traditional Advertising Coordination if in Agreed Marketing Plan
  • Reputation Management, Repair and Protection if in Agreed Marketing Plan
  • Trade Show Materials and Pre-Marketing
  • Trade Show Campaigns and in Show Marketing
  • Other Elements Agreed Called for in Agreed Marketing Plan


Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida builds brands!


Once the Professionals at Cheetah Marketing Group have gathered the right insights from some of your customers, your team of employees (yes, it is important to understand who we are competing against) we identify exactly who your competition actually is. We set out to establish a strategic plan to out market them, outclass them and position your firm as the information authority on your products and services in what will be “Your Firms” market area. This position will be one that is authentic, relevant and differentiated from the “competition” in the market.

It is important to understand, this approach is no academic exercise, we get to the point and encapsulate your brand position, something your competition will most likely not see coming and not understand even if they did. In a brief, digestible form, we discuss what your competition is doing, what your customers like about you and what could be better defined to gain more customer loyalty.

The #1 form of marketing attributed to actual sales is word of mouth, we believe very strongly in this principle.  With all this new information, it enables us to create new content for today’s new digital outreach adding more effective facets to your website, social media and other elements of exposure.

All these elements will actually be shared with other potential clients on the information value of the content. That positioning strategy is the foundation for everything that defines an authority leader in the marketplace. Your brand should take to the channels and frequency of the messaging which cements your products and services as delivered by your firm as the only sensible and reliable source of your products and services for quality, customer service and reliability in your marketplace.

Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida builds brands!

Activation Part II

This is where the rubber meets the road and great brands come to life. Crafting the right stories and making the right promises are only part of the equation. What’s critical is living up to those promises through each and every customer interaction. At Cheetah Marketing Group we take the Activation phase very seriously. We launch the new materials (Our Deep Content Marketing or Deep Rich Data) as needed to properly tell your story.

To stand out from the crowd a full story of your business must be told. This story must engage your audience and present you and your firm as the authority figure in your marketplace. From web design to content, videos, testimonials and sales materials and Social Media we to integrate a campaign launch that will win you positive attention and brand awareness, we’ve got you covered.


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