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Deep Rich Data

Deep Rich Data was developed by Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida

How the Original Deep Rich Data Works as a Traffic Generator

By Thomas R. Reich PhD

One of the standards for organic traffic generation, DRD or Deep Rich Data, was developed by Thomas R. Reich PhD in early 2010 to help clients with underperforming websites and landing pages.  With Deep Rich Data methods, even dull or mundane subjects (accounting, air conditioning and construction among others) become search magnets.  The most intriguing thing about DRD is it was not a gimmick, not a fancy program, or a get rich quick MLM scheme.

Deep Rich Data was developed by Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida

DRD or Deep Rich Data is a simple concept that works with Pinterest, Twitter and most social media and social sharing sites. DRD works to promote blogs website pages, interesting pictures, YouTube videos, landing pages on FaceBook or LinkedIn, just about anything with a URL can be promoted organically.  Deep Rich Data is a straight forward method that takes time and resources but delivers results that are undeniable.  Though many tried to copy the exclusive system, DRD remains the proprietary Cheetah tool to this day under the direction of Dr. Reich.


How Does Deep Rich Data Work?

The system not only delivers Pinterest traffic from the company’s Pinterest site but from every Pinterest site owner that repines DRD posts, all the Twitter activity and retweeters as well. But the real boost to traffic does not involve either Pinterest or Twitter.   DRD activity is traffic generated from organic Google and Bing searches, primarily algorithms related to these search engines  image searches.  Since Deep Rich Data uses rich snippets, the organic search algorithms increases regular organic search results as well.


Deep Rich Data was developed by Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida

To use Deep Rich Data properly, you need to fully understand Pinterest and Twitter, have a fully enabled Pinterest site with multiple boards which have been SEO optimized for link-back to your website.  Additionally, each image entered must be fully SEO optimized and URL linked to specific locations within the company’s home website.  Also necessary, is a fully enabled Twitter site, with at least 1000 true followers, to help disseminate the message and stimulate the organic search properties. This is why it is a good idea to work with a professional marketing firm like Cheetah Marketing Group, it will save you time and money in the long run.


How does Deep Rich Data help with Local Organic Traffic?

Deep Rich Data is epically useful for local organic internet traffic as well as worldwide coverage which is dependent on settings as required by the user. For an example, let’s say you are promoting a special sale on floor cleaning in Orlando Florida; obviously you don’t want leads from California.  At the same time if you were promoting a new kitchen aid for peeling a papaya, you want as wide an area of leads as possible since you are shipping the item anywhere in the world rather than servicing only locally.  Deep Rich Data can work for either situation equally.

The basic foundation of DRD is the SEO of an organization’s Pinterest site. SEO must be in place and pointed either to the product or service only for wide general coverage. If it is a local product put targeted local city and state in the SEO descriptor words.

Deep Rich Data was developed by Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida

Back Links are also a key element of Deep Rich Data. Back Links work to direct the picture to selected locations within the target website or desired landing page.  Without the URL re-direct, the system will not work.  Just creating a clear SEO path is not enough you must have a URL redirect embedded within each image for DRD to function as a mass lead generator.  Back Links also have a positive affect on the websites organic search attraction as well.

Deep Rich Data was developed by Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida

Use Deep Rich Data for:

  • Event Announcements
  • Specific Products
  • Specific Services
  • Regional or Local Re-directs
  • Website Landing Page
  • Website Home Page
  • Specific Page Within the Website
  • FaceBook or LinkedIn page
  • Video (YouTube or Vimeo)
  • 10)Recorded Webinar or Seminar


What does the Programmable URL in Pinterest Pictures have to do with Search Traffic?

The URL direct point is a major search factor; anything you want can be specifically and definitively programmed in advance. The key to Deep Rich Data method success is the SEO and key word selection along with its powerful ability to back-link to any location you wish.  Using this function on Pinterest is easy, the difficult part is careful selection of the pictures on the Pinterest boards. These pictures, and their selection by real searchers, are the key to credible traffic.  Remember, due to the Pinterest file shear rules, the pictures that cause the re-direct of traffic to the URL attached to the picture  do not necessarily come from the target website or any specific location associated with the target picture itself.  Pinterest pictures many times end up in Google or Bing image search, yet the URL attached to the picture is necessarily to their website of origin (Pinterest), but to their Pinterest re-direct URL point (a location on your website or blog).

deep rich data and Pinterest

Deep Rich Data is still in its infancy, growing daily and becoming more viable with each new success and update. Now that Deep Rich Data II has joined the family, the future is bright for controlling, to some degree, the nature of organic search.  Remember this is not a methiod to cheat the system, is it not designed for spam sites or affiliate marketing, it is for legitimate businesses trying to ring eyes to information they need, on a topic the company is providing.

How can You Learn More about Deep Rich Data and how it may help your Company?

Deep Rich Data and Deep Rich Data II is an exclusive group of programs and systems from Cheetah Marketing Group. The systems are designed to get organic traffic for local businesses and smaller businesses marketing on a national basis.  DRD is a way to compete in the complicated and expensive world of internet marketing dominated by national firms.

Sound interesting? Want to hear more?  Contact Cheetah Marketing Group today for a free evaluation of the nature of your unique marketing situation and what can be done to improve your marketing programs results. We solve problems on the internet and can show you how we can improve your results.

Cheetah Marketing Group; the Developers of Deep Rich Data

Cheetah Marketing Group is expert in many fields of marketing and can create the complete solution for any business underperforming in its outreach effort. The website is the heart of your business today, social media its veins but advertising and direct promotion must also not be ignored.

Want the phone to ring more? Want to increase your standing in the marketplace?  Do you want your business to become a household name?  For over 30 years we have been helping companies do just that! Marketing it is what we have done since before there was an internet, and we do it well.

When you decide in the future to add PPC and traditional advertising, the effects will be twice as fast and three times as effective because your name and reputation is already known in the market for exactly what you represent.  Your destination website is now the source of information for what a prospect reacting to an ad you have placed is looking for – WIN WIN!

When you decide Deep Content Marketing might be a direction you wish to investigate, contact Cheetah Marketing Group. For over 30 years, we have created marketing programs for large companies and small alike.  Our content creation is supervised by PhDs and MBAs, and our results are stellar.


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