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How Blogs Create Organic Traffic

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Why is a Local Business’s Blog a Website’s Quickest Source Organic Traffic

When populating a business website, one of the most important areas is the Blog section to attract targeted organic traffic with updated and current information.  Blogs are great for creating organic traffic, and within a localized information targeted website, blogs should be quick, local and friendly, with topics of blogs that are specific to your company niche.  READ MORE HERE.

Blogs are an integral part of any website that should never be over thought or written like text book subject matter. The subjects should be fun – yet factual and diverse; topics should stick in some way to the chosen list of key topics that relate to the core subject of your website, or positive stories about the company and it’s clients.  Blogs should be original and push borders, they should ask questions, not just answer them, get people thinking and then answer those questions in the body (the page titles and sub titles are important to draw the reader in) of your website with internal links to answers other places within your own company website.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

These rules apply whether a website is a retail site selling soap or a corporate site selling cardboard boxes B to B, whether a law firm site or a Doctor’s office, online services company or digital download company – all websites have the same problem; Traffic does not flow naturally to a static website.  What do we mean by static?  That is what 95% if all websites are out there, and probably your’s us as well.  Static means it was build, propagated with pages and information, maybe even a blog or 2 or 3.  A graphic artiest may have made it very attractive and a web designer made it very functional, but that is where it stopped a month ago, a year ago, sometimes 5 years ago or more.

What happened? You decided the website looks great let’s leave well enough alone and nothing has been added since.  That is is the definition of a static website and that is a dying website as well, no matter how good it looks.  Even a popular website will quickly grow stagnant and organic traffic (that traffic not sent to you directly by other advertising or Pay Per Click) will drop to almost nothing if not for one simple thing that may save you from this fate – the BLOG.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Blogs must be well written and portable, even though a website needs fresh blogs at least once or twice a month at a minimum, they are not part of the core of the site.  A blog serves its purpose by providing updated fresh data to the overall website and the overall website updated in the view of search engines.  If your website is within a marketing program with a firm like Cheetah Marketing Group, pages and features will also be under constant update and revision, which is a much stronger magnet for organic traffic generating spiders than simply a blog alone, but blogs are a start.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Each new blog pushes the last blog down lower and lower and out of sight of the general website but not out of sight of the search engine.  The goal is to cover something unique that attracts search spiders to that blog with unique keywords long in the future, you can not cover everything, so pick the unique and strange topics that relate to your core topic.

When a blog attracts someone searching for a topic on Google or Bing, hopefully they have arrived within a website that may be of use to them, but it could be the blog that first gets the prospects interest.  The pages of the website are a different story than the blog. They need to be over thought, re-written, reviewed by committee, and re-written again, because they are read by everyone reviewing the website and always remain at the top of a tab in the core of a website and remain for years.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Blogs on the other hand, are just like articles in a magazine.  Without constantly adding articles in your company “magazine” or blog, that publication is just a pamphlet of advertising, and no one will read a magazine of just advertising, which of course is simply a brochure.  Much like a brochure is to a printed business presentation, the website without an active blog, becomes just a handout dropped on a pile of papers (figuratively speaking).

If not for the blog section a website is just a pretty and well thought out brochure best case scenario; why would Google send you prospects without being paid to do so if you are just providing a fancy ad of what you sell?  Remember, Google is a business, they provided 2 core services, one to the public – that being a useful search engine to find specific information searchers are looking for, and the other being a profit model, their product being PPC or Pay Per Click sending traffic to websites that pay them to do so.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Many feel there is no reason to bother with Fresh Blogs and Deep Content Marketing if they are buying Pay Per Click.  PPC is where a business pays to have Google send them visitors directly for a particular key word that potential prospect is searching for.  One big problem with this train of thought, they pay for targeted traffic to arrive on an uninteresting sales brochure and the results may be a bounce, or the potential moving on to the next search result.  Whether a prospect arrives on your website organically, referred by a friend, through direct advertising or through PPC, they must find a compelling core of information when they arrive on your business’s website, not merely a sales brochure.

If you want to be found in the “Generic” (non-paid) search results, one of the best ways is with very well written blog content, ever changing content along with compelling pictures, videos and continually updated information.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

A well written and active blog is like the content articles in a magazine, they serve to direct the business of selling only by attracting readers where the magazine targets those readers to sell to after they are comfortable with the credibility of that publication. Yes a website is a publication, and a blog that may bring new fresh readers; potential customers that may be interested in the what your represent (think the paid advertising in the magazine) the permanent tabs of product information present on the header of every blog are where the sales information lives.

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

Many Marketing agencys believe that all a website really is – is a big advertisement for its owner, a company brochure, or an online store or something that no one will voluntarily read or come upon by accident and start reading for the fun of it!  They believe that even if the customer is sent to the website through Pay Per Click (much like being handed the company color brochure in the old days) Well if that is the case, that company brochure better be interesting, have great pictures and additionally have some fun articles on the subject to hold the interest and get the prospect to call us now.

Cheetah Marketing Group believes differently, we believe in Deep Content Marketing, we believe that a well done company website should do the job of conditioning a prospect so that when they contact the firm, they already feel comfortable with the product and the firm representing it.

It is the job of the blog to present a hook or intrigue in some small facet of the interest that is in the general area of what that “advertisement or brochure” is about (the product or service the company represents).  It is in this way, that the prospect may enter your world, your business website while they are reading a blog articles that interests them.  It is equally important that the core website be attractive, well written, and interactive so as to keep the prospect interested and encourage them to call or email the company with additional questions.  Never expect a website to do the selling for you, websites do not replace a great salesperson, but a good website is still worth their weight in gold!

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

The blog however, must always be of a fresh topic, must stay within the keyword parameters that fit the core values and topic of the website, must have linked pictures and above all must be fun to read. They must be posted frequently, keep in mind that once posted, even though traffic peaks and then declines for a particular blog topic, that blog will always get some traffic even years into the future through your archives. The more blogs you post over time, the more good informative blogs that is, the more total traffic will build from them over time.  A popular blog can be re-released 6 months later by changing it up a bit, changing pictures and then changing the publish date from original date to a more current if what it talks about becomes very current again. By changing the date you now have a proven popular topic, updated and for all practical purposes a new fresh release for the website in the eyes of the search engines.

Let me remind you, I tell these secrets freely because small business will not do any of this without help, you wont trust me.  For one thing, it is not interesting to you and if you are running a great business you are usually busy selling and installing what ever it is you do to be successful.  For another thing it is far more efficient to hire a firm like Cheetah Marketing Group and get it all done right the first time, because this is what we do to be successful and what we love.  But we want you to know what it is we are doing!

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

That is the whole secret of SEO, that is the reason any traffic comes to a website, it is not just about how pretty a website is, or how well it functions, it is not the “About Us” section or the “Mission Statement”, it is mostly about the pretty properly linked pictures, the videos and the cool articles and the blog section that attract the eyes. The search engine traffic attracted organically through Google’s RankBrain is due to Deep Content Marketing and linking, and knowing just how to list them.  The nature of the articles or pictures and videos that keep the eyes on the website long enough to interest the prospect in taking a look at the website they have stumbled across is the art of what Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando and Central Florida brings to the table.

All successful companies know sales is all about relationships, and when a prospect calls after interacting with a properly set up company website, with great Deep Content Marketing and a great fresh personalized blog, you have the makings of a great relationship before you even say hello!

Following these simple rules of thumb will make a website more successful;

Deep Content Marketing from Cheetah Marketing Group

  1. Have an up to date, well functioning attractive website
  2. Pay attention to graphics and pictures, the more the better
  3. All websites must be Responsive, if you do not know what this is get a knowledgeable developer like Cheetah Marketing Group
  4. Core content should be as well written and displayed as professionally as possible
  5. The blog section should be on target, on subject and frequent
  6. It is better to have 5 OK blogs than 1 amazingly written blog, more is better when it comes to the blog section
  7. Promote blog entrees through a branded social media social shearing network
  8. Update material, pictures and re-date older blogs for even longer life
  9. Hire a great content writer for best results like those available at Cheetah Marketing Group

Cheetah Marketing Group can help you with all of the above in one location.  We have been helping companies small and large with their marketing needs for over 3 decades, and the best is yet to come.  Cheetah Marketing Group and its founder Thomas R, Reich, PhD developed Deep Rich Data and now Deep Rich Data  II.  Who better to improve your online performance?  Call us today for a free evaluation.

When you decide Deep Content Marketing might be a direction you wish to investigate, contact Cheetah Marketing Group. For over 30 years, we have created marketing programs for large companies and small alike.  Our content creation is supervised by PhDs and MBAs, and our results are stellar.

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