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Local SEO & Targeted Local Key Wording

Cheetah Marketing Group shows you how to be found with local SEO

How does Local SEO and Targeted Local Key Wording Work?

By Thomas R. Reich PhD

Cheetah Marketing Group has believed in content based marketing and deep content marketing for decades, we believe Local SEO is at the heart of any good website, and a website that represents a business based in a local or regional area should be targeted that way. In other words, a business that is not selling and shipping a product nationwide or worldwide as its main line of business and doing its primary business in the confines of a specific geographical area with defined cities and named towns.

Cheetah Marketing Group shows you how to be found with local SEO

A website that represents a business which is doing the majority of its transactions locally, calls for an entirely different strategy than a firm that sells its product through, for example eBay nationally; both in SEO design and website construction/layout in general the business must define itself to be in a specific location.  Without this attention to location detail, an AC repair shop in Daytona Florida could get an appointment call from NYC from a visitor not bothering to look at the specific address.  It is also wasted effort marketing to potential customers that can never actually be customers.  We like to call this smart target marketing!

Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida uses and will try to explain in broad general concepts, local targeted SEO methods. Further we wish to show you what can be done within a website to encourage local internet traffic without affecting the look or readability of the material within the website itself. As a business based in a community, looking for prospects primarily located in the area of that community, a local business will not want a website set up to primarily attract viewers and interactions in a far off city or another county.  Some traffic is good outside of the area to build the credibility and reach of its information core and database to stimulate search rank in general, and a good deep content website will get this sort of traffic automatically in the background.

Cheetah Marketing Group shows you how to be found with local SEO

With this in mind, make no mistake about it; all “Real Engaged Traffic”, weather local, national or international, ultimately makes most websites stronger and more likely to get local traffic from prominent search engines if the website is set up with the right local pointers and indicators. These search engines, such as Google and Bing, will first find the most relevant website to answer a question regardless of location, then if possible, send the searcher to the most relevant local source for that answer if a relevant local source for that answer exists.  When Cheetah Marketing Group does its job correctly and your core niche is unique in the market, it is a badge of honor to have a regular flow of national traffic, and a mark of success in the websites core of information.

The first step in the process of creating a great local targeted website is investigation. A Cheetah Marketing Group Consultant will investigate the market of a business and will focus on Business in your area that also represent Products or Services similar to those you represent to find:

  1. A business’s particular niche in that market
  2. A business’s span of location, what cities, towns and counties are included in your “area”
  3. It is then necessary to perform a deep local competition analysis:
  4. Who are the company’s most prominent competitors?
  5. What do the websites of these companies’ look like?
  6. How are these competitors advertising?
  7. What other marketing methods are they employing?
  8. How the competitor’s website’s are set up –  what other internet services are those competitors using? For example; Social Media, Social Sharing, industry associations, Angi’s List, PPC, FaceBook ads etc.


Cheetah Marketing Group shows you how to be found with local SEO

Then it is time to take a good long look at the business’s website; does the website have important links to other websites and organizations? Do those organizations and key websites link back? Links and Back Links are an important factor in local website ranking on search engines.  Some of the links that should exist or will soon be cultivated if Cheetah Marketing Group is involved are:

  1. A group of technical services known as “Local SEO Directories” or “Local SEO Citations.
  2. “Niche Local Sites” these are websites of interest to your customers but not competition to your products or services.
  3. “Editorial Local Links” These are links to news articles that are about your business or positive articles about your product or service in general. Links to the article on the publication itself.
  4. “Chamber of Commerce Links” as your company grows it is important to consider membership in your local Chamber of Commerce, or several if you area is wider. Their logo, your membership ID and a link to the chamber adds to local credibility, a link back from the Chamber of Commerce is even stronger.
  5. “Local Government Links” Linking to local government websites that have to do with your product or service lend credibility to your website and add a since of authority.
  6. “Local.EDU links” If you have an intern program with a local tech school or high school, link to the school, the program and request that that program link back to your business, this can really boost local search power, community service and involvement not only looks good to customers but strengthens a community.
  7. Add Links to Social Service Organizations” If you are a member of Rotary or the Mayors Counsel on whatever, add a link to that organization and ask them for a link back. Updates on what you are doing with them are also great for local search power.

One of the first and most important things a Cheetah Marketing Consultant will do is evaluate your company website with our exclusive Deep Rich Data II evaluation system: READ MORE HERE.


Deep Rich Data was developed by Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida


Very important to Cheetah Marketing Group, and at the core of what we do, is making content the core of any website. Making relevant content a magnet for local search is what targeted Deep Content Marketing is all about.  This is done by staying on topic, writing with the core topic or niche always at the forefront, writhing for SEO and slipping in geographical location occasionally.  Questions we explore and develop over time on any niche targeted local website are:

  1. Is the content professionally written?
  2. Does the content stay on topic and always relate to the company’s products or services, or to things that specifically interests the firm’s prospects and are related to those products or services.
  3. Does the material answer a question the searchers may be looking for; general information on those products or services represented by the company?
  4. Is the content being kept up to date, are old dated articles eater removed or updated?
  5. Is there some geographical location worked into some of the articles and blogs, even if behind the scene in labeling, for local SEO optimization?
  6. Is there a “why” to the articles and blogs, in other words do the articles answer questions that may be asked by your prospects, or are they something that may be of interest to those prospects, or are they boring boilerplate just filling space?
  7. Does the website contain duplicate boilerplate, or does it contain original material?


Cheetah Marketing Group shows you how to be found with local SEO

What does Cheetah Marketing Group do behind the scenes that you, your prospects and visitors can’t see on the screen? This list covers some of the Local SEO programming factors that we work into every page over time.  Within the websites programming, and with behind the scenes industry testing, we work with:

  1. We strive for high quality, validated HTML and CSS coding
  2. coding which is used additionally with local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Every picture has locally optimized titles, as well as alt titles, seen only by search engines
  4. Every picture also has locally optimized Meta Descriptions, something that is seen by search engines
  5. Customized URL’s for each and every page, picture and blog, many locally optimized
  6. Keyword and long tail keyword phrases that in some cases include local optimization within the on-page copy tightly comingled with the websites generic topical core keywords.


Things that are too technical brings up an interesting point, you need to concentrate on selling your product or service. How much time are you going to devote to the constantly changing internet world? Content Marketing should be handled by experts like Cheetah Marketing Group of Orlando Florida and Central Florida that use PhDs and MBAs to create the right targeted content for your specific market.  Who better to research your market than research experts that do it for a living and other technical types that make sure keywords, meta data, and URLs are in the correct places. You can not be an expert on everything, you sell; let us work the internet to bring you the prospects!

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