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An Example of What We can Provide or Client in a Typical Marketing Contract

In Scope (Provided by Cheetah Marketing Group)

Cheetah Marketing Group will build a  Website Branded with 5-7 sections minimum depending on information provided us by Client.

Pointing of the website using existing website address or securing domain name (client pays charges and retains ownership for their own security, which is in their best interest, always retain ownership of your domain name).

Shaping and placing the content provided by Client.

Creating a section to host future and ongoing blogs.

SEO optimization of all pages and blogs.

SEO optimization of Blogs provided by Client or created by us.

Editing and SEO spin optimization of any blogs provided by client or their authorized input on blogs created by us.

Suggestions for content (white Paper, blank forms, PDFs, Government Reports) to give away as downloads to attract potentials client contacts.

SEO optimization of whitepaper when and if provided (one of our suggested ways to get email addresses or Ph #).

Providing a means to collect information on potential customers (email list generator).

Share Bar for customers to share to their your blogs on their social media network.

Set up Skype or Google call now button if desired.

Social media linking to Client social media sites being created or modified.

Set up Twitter, full profile and initial follower base for appearance, link to site.

Set up Pinterest, full profile, 3 populated boards and initial follower base for appearance, link to site.

Set up G+, full profile, initial shares, and link to site.

Set up YouTube Channel, full profile and populated videos if provided, (created video content available at reasonable rates), link to site.

Review and suggest FaceBook improvements, we are not FaceBook experts, but can suggest service if desired, link to site.

Review and suggest LinkedIn improvements, to optimize is additional charge, very complicated, link to site.

Set up Stumbleupon, populate with initial shares, and link to site.

Set up Reddit, populate with initial shares, and link to site.

Set up DIG, populate with initial shares, and link to site.

Set up Tumbler, set up with initial shares, and link to site.

After initial set up period, each month of maintenance (at a reduced rate per month) we will update social media family, provide blog updates, new blog or video or press release each month to keep Google analytics ever increasing activity. The trick, with SEO is not set it and forget it, it is constantly changing targeted content.  This is so Google sees targeted content for a specific topic that is fresh, and this tells the search engine to send traffic looking for that specific data to this business website because it is a living updated website.

Programs are available with more research and additional pages being added on a consistent basis.  Best practices suggests 3-5 new articles pages or blogs per month for best results.  This is, of course, more costly since services are figured on hourly estimates, but as a monthly client, the cost is far less than buying additional pages or blogs individually.  You will find Cheetah Marketing Group prices quite inexpensive compared to the other established professionals in the market, we are annoying to them by charging less than standard, but we try to do what is best for our client.  To us, Deep Content Marketing means more is better, so we will do what it takes to get you as much material as you can afford, even if that means lowering prices to get it done!

Out of Scope (Provided by Client)

Original Client content information to be provided to us for the website (Pictures, articles, video, data, background material as requested and agreed to be provided by client in a timely basis)

Creation of materials in excess of minimum one new blog or video or pres release per month once in maintenance period if minimum package is as agreed above. (we however reserve the right and opportunity to over deliver if we feel it necessary without additional cost to you if we decide it is critical to the growth of the website, or you are involved in a special event we feel needs to be covered )

Contacting customers after email is provided (We cannot act as customer service or customer relations or sales for client, contacting customers is sole responsibility of client)

Creation of any original footage for videos that client decides are needed for the web site (unless agreed to in advance, additional cost will apply)

Press Release creation, distribution, promotion (Local, National and International) and full follow up reports are available.  However, this  will require additional billed expense unless discussed in advance, but additional press release services expenses and additional press releases should they arise will be quite reasonably priced under our normal rates as a managed account customer and are a regular Cheetah service.

Items Needed from Client to Begin Website Re-Build

Vector version, or largest resolution possible of official logo.

Other versions and alternatives of logo and any graphics of any kind if they exist.

Sign-on for existing website (so we can copy and remove assets, not change existing without approval) we build new site on a staging area not accessible by the public until client approval, and leave existing website in tact until new website is approved and active.

Location and sign-on for domain name (again, not to move until we get approval from client for new website look which will be on a staging site with a dummy domain name until final approval)

Full resolution photos of jobs principles and anything to do with company and past projects, no number of photos and videos, articles, etc.. is too many, we may not use them all right away, but we need a constant flow so Google always sees updating items.  We keep everything in an asset file for future use

Awards, press and certifications with logos over the years, nothing is too trivial, we will make it important, that is what we do.  We build your on line reputation, give us every tool you can.

Existing graphics from website, cards brochures, past companies etc.

Static pages form the existing website if they exist (we can get this with sign on to existing website)

Customer recommendations and testimonials, either digital or in writing or video, any form is acceptable and desired!

Recommendations and associations with other respected companies and suppliers.

Product supplier materials if available, sell sheets, fact sheets, stat sheets etc..

Your additional requests for inclusion if any

Additional Suggestions

Briefing by phone or in person at least once per month to cover progress and action items.

Suggestions for additional sections or tabs of the website.

Assigning Google Analytics to parties approved to see (you will now have vast data) once site is complete and launched, will be relevant in about 4 months.

Set goals for email levels to discuss custom email newsletter service (extra costs will apply) if and when this may become appropriate (how many do you have now)

As our contract progresses the website will be built and running and evolve more into marketing and SEO drawing events to get as many potential targeted buyers to the website as possible. This will expand into marketing outreach to a specific target market within your specific market area.